28May, 2008

Web Development

An average human being is bombarded by a plethora of information daily in this information age. Everyone would agree that we get information at a never before rate these days and the content quantity is more than what a typical human mind can digest. Most of the information we get these days is from the internet.  From simply searching about something on Google to something more important as doing business, Internet is what people look for these days.

It is important to have a good web presence when you are doing or promoting your business. A good website can make your business grow leaps and bounds. Although Internet is no alien to people these days, good online presence is still something that many companies do not have. While many small-scale industries are unaware of the Internet, many other small and big companies still underestimate the power of good web presence.

Characteristics of a good website:

  1. Impressive web design – The first look, the first five seconds is all you got to impress the visitor. Millions of results come out on Google when you search for any topic. Today, the web searcher has millions of web pages to choose from offering the same set of content/services/jobs/etc. The user will surely pass on to the next link/website in seconds if there is the website is not appealing and professionally designed.
  2. Intuitive user interface – There is no guide on web browsing! J Most users are still non tech-savvy. User interface should be so easy to learn and intuitive that user should be able to guide him through the website and in turn find the information he was looking for.

We, at Logzero, make sure that every website we make is appealing and user-friendly.

  1. High End Technology – How the website functions is as important as it looks. There is no use of an eye-catching website unless it fulfills the purpose it was designed for! Our experts at Logzero work on the latest trends and technologies in the market to make a website that is truly impressive to the end user.
  2. Search Engine Friendly – A good website is the one that you can find. If you have a great website but it is unknown or inaccessible to the user, your competition is going to take the entire prize. To a Google user: ‘A website in need is a website indeed’ JOur SEO Experts at Logzero make sure that your website is found easily on the internet(almost as if it is featured online J)and ranks amongst the top ones.

We at Logzero, amongst other things, make custom solutions for the web. We can cater to your needs regardless of whether you are a Small or Big Business, whether you want to create a small or big website for your users or an e-commerce portal to sell items or redesign your existing website.