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Windows Server is a trusted and robust operating system that powers countless organizations’ IT infrastructures. LogZero Technologies offers a comprehensive suite of Windows Server management services designed to optimize server performance, enhance security, and streamline IT operations.

Our Comprehensive Suite of Windows Server Management Services

24/7 Server Provision, Deployment, Monitoring and Management

We provide continuous vigilance and management services, proactively identifying and addressing server issues to minimize downtime and keep your operations running smoothly.

Performance Optimization

Through ongoing performance tuning, we ensure that your Windows servers deliver exceptional performance, guaranteeing that your essential applications and services run seamlessly.

Microsoft Exchange Server Management

LogZero Technologies specializes in managing email systems, including installing, configuring, and maintaining Microsoft Exchange servers and email infrastructure.

Microsoft SQL Server Management

We provide database administration for Microsoft SQL Server, including installation, configuration, and performance tuning.

Windows Specific Services

Our Windows experts ensure that your business gets all the services specific to the Windows OS, not available elsewhere –


  • Hyper-V and Virtual Machine Management: We manage your Hyper-V virtualization and virtual machines, including creation, deployment, and performance optimization.
  • SharePoint Server Management: Our experts configure, maintain, and optimize SharePoint servers and services for collaboration and document management.
  • IIS (Internet Information Services) Management: We also focus on managing and optimizing IIS for hosting websites and web applications.
  • Remote Desktop Services (RDS): We configure and manage remote desktop services, enabling secure remote access to Windows applications and desktops.

Windows Security and Compliance

Our team of security professionals implements security best practices and ensures compliance with industry regulations on Windows servers.

Certificate Management

We configure and manage SSL certificates for secure communications and web services for every business.

Custom Scripting and Automation

Our expert developers focus on developing custom scripts and automation tools to streamline Windows server management and operations.

Migration and Upgrades

Our team plans and executes migrations and upgrades of Windows server environments to the latest versions.

Group Policy Management

Configuration and management of Group Policies are at the core of LogZero Technologies to enforce security and operational settings across Windows servers and client devices.

Windows Server Backup and Restore

We also implement and manage backup solutions for Windows servers to safeguard critical data and applications.

Print Server Management

We excel in Print Server Management, where we maintain and optimize print servers to ensure efficient print services across your organization.

File Server Management

We provide File Server Management services, administering and optimizing file servers to ensure secure and efficient data storage.

Windows Firewall Configuration

Our expertise in Windows Firewall Configuration includes setting up and managing Windows Firewall rules to control network traffic and enhance server security.

Why Choose LogZero Technologies?

You can count on us for reliable service and support. We’re dedicated to your Windows servers’ performance, security, and continuity, offering round-the-clock assistance whenever you need it. Choose us to empower your Windows-based IT operations today!